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Direct Port Meth Injection Nozzle Size?

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I wanted to run a direct port set up on my Evo (50/50 water meth). Although there are many different schools of thought on it, I'm leaning towards the direct port being the best method to ensure even distribution. I'm more concerned with that than the loss of intake cooling from the shorter period it will have to atomize.

I'm looking to run around 550-600whp on 94 octane with direct port. What nozzle size would I require?

Any input would be appreciated.


Hey Murra I think the answer to your question is dependent on the components and overall setup used. Which setup will you be running? I was looking at a combination of Torqbyte controller and ProMeth parts for a high end setup and planning to run direct port into the intake runners as well. The ProMeth guys seem to be willing to answer setup questions if you contact them. Torqbyte are based in Canada, but they dont sell the WI components, so are unable to help with component setup selection.

I'm going to be controlling the meth pump and solenoid with the ECU (through SS relays) so I won't be needing the controller. From what little I've found pertaining to direct port nozzle size, it looks like I'll be going for something like 1.5 GPH nozzles in each intake runner, using 50/50 water meth. Sounds a little large to me, but WMI isn't my thing so maybe that's correct.

Thanks for the info. I'll call prometh today or tomorrow and talk directly with them.

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