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Disabling Knock Control when using Launch Control

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Do you guys ever disable knock control as a part of making use of launch control?

Just wondering about the scenarios where you would/wouldn't do this.

In some instances the harsh engine operation on a 2 step launch limit may be enough to trigger false knock. Whether it's an issue will depend on your particular application. In my own experience though it's rarely an issue. If you do have trouble with the knock control strategy falsely being triggered you'd need to consider what your ECU will allow to disable the knock control. I'm not aware for example of any ECUs that allow the knock control to be disabled based on the launch control status.

Hi Andre,

The Syvecs allows for knock control to be disabled during a launch event for the reasons that you listed. I just wonder if there's any need to really do that. Seems like I'd be turning off a key safety feature.

Screenshot attached.

Thanks for your help.

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