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Hi Guys,

Very much a newbe here, and actually working on my first real project. A friend of mine has added an Eaton M90 supercharger to a stock 4.0 liter Jeep Wrangler. He has already added a "Split Second" piggyback controller and 7th injector. The piggyback controller modifies the timing table and runs the 7th injector while in boost. He has added an intercooler, but has it behind the radiator. I did see this and told him upfront that this may be an issue. I think the 4.0L jeep runs about 9.5:1 CR. After a few data logs I see that the IAT tends to run near 150 degrees F. I know this is not good, but is it acceptable under any conditions? The air temp outside was about 75 degrees F. I'm trying to decide on if I should attempt to make any improvements on the current tune, or just ask him if he can relocate the intercooler.

Any thoughts?

I would try re-locating the intercooler initially, if not you could consider water injection

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