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DIY Flash Tune Issue. Log attached. (N54)

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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can shed some light on why my N54 is having throttle closures in this section of RPM range (3,500-5,000 RPM).

Can feel the car having some type of trouble getting up there when trying to do the runs until higher RPM is reached, log shows fluctuations in throttle position.

Traction control is fully off.

Timing corrections are looking fine.

I'm assuming it might be related to my fueling ratios which are based from stock, i've only adjusted the higher rpm and load range with the (11.000) as attached image references to.

Here is my log;


I've attached a screenshot of my fuel map if it helps at all.

Also here is my car with it runing on a OTS MHD Stage 2+ map for comparison;


New to this all so hopefully ive added enough infomation.


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Hi Ashley, I haven't personally done any tuning on the N54 platform but what you're describing sounds exactly like the result of a torque limit coming into play. I'd be investigating any torque limit tables and address these as it's likely they are closing the throttle in response to the calculated torque exceeding the target.

I've managed to get a little help on spoolstreet from a guy.

He pointed me towards my wgdc base table being too high causing overboosting intern causing the oscillations around 3k-5k rpm

I've also lowered my wgdc D-factor in half then half again in the top left section.

Which has help alot. Still have things to do but here's my current map log after those changes

Thanks Andre