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Dizzy conversion

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Hello everyone ,

Wanted tyo ask when using a standalone ecu and we would like to convert to c.o.p the easiest way is to use an external trigger and wire it up accordingly . But wanted to ask since we are using the standalone and in the dizzy we have the wires which are the triggers ansd pick ups etc. like in a Honda can't we use those wires and create a c.o.p system without extrenal trigger moddifications etc. ?

Thank you

Here is a pic of my Honda Dizzy converted to a 40 + 1. I run a 40 tooth gear as a crank position sensor with a Motec Hall. The location is an Accel optical pickup with a pull-up. It works flawless.


James, many distributors have adequate positioning "information" to support a direct or wasted spark ignition set up. Older distributors that have say just 4 evenly spaced teeth wont cut it, but stuff like 1990's hondas and toyotas will have something like 24 and 1 which will allow sequential or wasted spark.

You still have the mechanical backlash, belt/chain stretch and valve train resonance that make a distributor trigger less ideal than a crank trigger however.

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