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Do all Dynojets read the same?

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Hi All!

Quick question here.

Please note I am talking specifically about Dynojet Dyno's only and not other dyno brands. There are two AWD Dynojet's in my town within a few miles of each other. If I were to dyno a car on one of them, drive across town, and dyno on the other, would the results be similar?

I know Dynojet uses a CF factor to account for altitude etc (Our DA here easily gets over 9000) and I am curious if cars that have previously been dyno'd on one of the Dynojet's, could use the other dyno and still have a decent comparison of before/after.

Thank ya!

I've only used a couple of dynojet dynos in my career so I'm certainly not an expert. While you should be able to get identical results from two identical dynos, if the correction factor is able to be influenced by the operator then this can have a major impact on the results. Of course if you have the two dynos setup with identical parameters then you should be getting comparable results.

There is the atmospheric correction factor but also how well the dyno has been maintained.

I put my personal car on a Dyno Jet in Los Angeles and it made 652whp. The next month then put it on a Dyno Jet in San Diego (150+ miles away) and it made 651whp. Both dynos were at sea level and similar air temps. I was impressed how consistent the dyno was. That is just my experience.

Thanks everyone!

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