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Drilling larger mounting hole for knock sensor...

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As above, some may have seen I've been having issues with my knock monitor, I'm looking to mount the sensor in a better location but this means I need to drill the centre of the knock sensor out to about 10mm.

I'm sure I've read that Andre does this regularly but I wanted to check before I ruin the only sensor I've got.

What size thread do you need to go to?

There's a standard Toyota part number knock sensor stud that has the large thread at the base, but small at the top.

It's commonly used on Hondas and other brands which have the same thread pitch on the block.

This might be a better solution than drilling out the centre?

Toyota 90126-A0008 or 90126-08046 (M12x1.25 to M8)

(info found on the old forum)

But if you want to use a 10mm bolt, yes you can drill it (just be careful)

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That's a possible solution to my problem ludo.

I'll check what the block thread size is and if not matches I could order one up.

I don't mind drilling the sensor out so long as it's not going to effect it's operation?

Drilling out the sensor doesn't effect the working of it, so long as you drill dread centre. What's more important to get a good signal is a flat area for the mounting face of the sensor

Thanks for the reply Chris. I'll get the drill out then!

Agreed, I've never seen any ill effect from drilling the knock sensor to 10.00 mm. Not convinced I'd try larger than that though. At least a 10 mm hole opens you up to M10 and 3/8 threaded holes on the block which can often be more common than 8mm or 5/16"

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