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Drive by wire stuck at a fixed angle

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Good evening guys. Does anybody know if the MoTeC M150 have a fault handling mode?

In particular I wanted to know: if my electronic throttle body get stuck at a non-zero opening, will the engine shut down by the inconsistency between the acceleration pedal and the TPS main/tracking?

Thanks in advance!

If there is a tracking fault, the DBW motor(s) will stop being driven. The mechanical spring of the throttle body should then close the throttle to either a limp mode/state, or close it completely, which should bring the engine to idle or stall. It will try to recover once the pedal returns to 0%.

Now, it's possible to configure the M150 to hold the throttle at a maximum (typically done by Gear/RPM), so no further pedal movement will result in a throttle plate change. The relationship between throttle pedal and throttle aim is not an inconsistency, but something defined by various tables. The difference between throttle aim and the throttle position is checked as well as both the TPS and Pedal Main/Tracking signals.

Is there a specific reason for your question?


There are a lot of protections for the DBW system in the M1 (to OEM standards).

If the throttle plate stops responding (Tracking Aim fault or Sensor Fault) then the M1 will introduce the Throttle Servo Bank x Fault Engine Speed Limit as a fail safe, this uses the Engine Speed Limit settings to control the Engine Speed to the Engine Speed specified. This should be set to a value that allows for the vehicle to be moved to a position of safety and then shut down to retify the fault.

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