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Driveability vs Intercooler Air Temp

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A good friend of mine and I both have MKIV Supras running single turbo setups. The same exhaust manifold, same cams, same size injectors, identical exhausts and had the same tuner.

The only differences in the cars from a performance standpoint are the following:

I have a 6265 he has a 6266

I have a 90MM throttle body and greddy intake manifold he has an OEM throttle and intake manifold

I have a greddy 4 row FMIC and he has a custom one that isn't nearly as big

Other than that they are the same.

The around town driveablity / responsiveness of my car are night and day better than his. Today I was helping him get his traction control dialed in on the Elite 2500 and was doing some data logs and noticed his air temps after a run where significantly different than mine.

Here is mine

Red line = boost

Blue line = air inlet temp sensor

notice that mine for the most part was unaffected. Max boost was 21 psi and air temp was 61f and dropped after.

Here is his

Red line = boost

Blue line = air inlet temp sensor

Boost was 23 psi and air temp hit 78 and stayed higher. Could the inefficiency of his inter cooler be causing poor driveablity / throttle response around town?

I would say that is one element.

If you can, try and get turbo outlet vs intake manifold pressures, just to see if he's suffering any pressure drop.

Is there much difference in the ignition maps?

I'll see if he is willing to run a map sensor pre intercooler. Yes our ignition maps are very similar.

Could his intercooler make this much of a difference down low?

Anything that's causing a restriction in the intake can cause it.

Check what actual ignition and AFR values your two cars are running on the same test route, manifold pressures etc

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