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Driving Water injection through Link G4X

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Hi, I'm about to install a Link G4X into my Celica GT4 next week as well as fitting an AEM water injection kit.

I know The AEM kit comes with its own controller but I've not decided if I want to use it of just wire the pump through the Link. Does anyone know of a suitable relay that would be able to drive this pmp? I'm asuming something solid state?

The Hella solidstate relay works well for PWM upto about 10A @ 1000Hz and is ok with inductive loads without flyback. It fits in place of a standard ISO relay. Its known by various different part numbers depending on country or something but H41773001 is a common one. The power supply to the relay will still need to be from an ignition switched source.

Thanks for the reply, I was going to wire the pump directly from the battery so presuamably I would wire this in series with a standard mechanical relay to give me power only at key on?

Pretty good thread about this on the rx7club forums:


The advice there was that PWM controlling a relay to the pump is not going to give your great control of the water flow. Instead you'd want to run the pump full on and PWM control a solenoid to regulates the water flow into the intake.

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