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I am looking to put a DSG gear on my fwd drag car.

Where can I get more information on how to tune a DSG gearbox?

What soft ware do I need to tune DSG?

ANY help would be appreciated thank you.

Sorry this isn't something that we've ever dealt with. At a guess I'd say most of the shops offering DSG tuning have developed their own definitions using software like WinOls which we don't cover. I'd imagine it may be difficult for you to find anyone who's prepared to offer much advice here due to the competitive nature of this market.

Ok that is fair enough thank you for the reply.

The problem is not so much tuning it, it is going to be controlling it if you are putting it into a car that didnt come with one from the factory. I know ECU master and Maxxecu have "beta" functionality in their ECU's to allow standalone control of certain DSG models but the general comments I have heard from some friends in Europe that play with it is those two options are both not working very well yet. Syvecs have some controls for the DSG in their VAG plug-in ECU's but I believe they still need other matching factory devices connected such as the full ABS system to work.

Sorry I misread your original post and assumed you were talking about accessing and modifying the calibration of the TCM in a stock DSG-equipped car. As Adam mentioned, this is more problematic with a DSG swap into a non-DSG car. I've got a client we're working with here in NZ who has swapped a MK5 VW Golf engine and DSG box into the back of a Lotus Exige race car. This is controlled via a Syvecs plug n play ECU which has support for the DSG box in the native Mk 5 Golf, however while the car performs flawlessly on the dyno and on a road test, the client has been chasing constant issues with the DSG going into a limp mode on track. After poor results at two rounds of our endurance championship the client has made the tough call to swap to a manual transmission. It's not to say that control of the DSG is impossible but there may be more challenges working through this than you'd initially expect.

If you are going to use an ECU that communicates with the stock TCM then you may also still need a way of altering the TCM mapping to alter shift points and shift speeds to suit your use.

From what I understand ecu master talks to the stock TCM which will allow me to put it in my mk2 golf.

I just wondered how people are communicating with the stock TCM to allow changes like increasing oil pressure to the clutches to allow it to hold more power.

Thank you

You need a TCU which can be bought from these guys:


This gives you true control about the DSG and they offer great support etc.

Thank you you for your reply tysk tune that is exactly what I am looking for.

Eurodyne offer a dsg package where you can tweak maps.

using there maestro program.

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