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DTC definition Ecu flash Subaru Legacy 3.0R

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I have installed aftermarket exhaust manifolds and cats on my 05 Subaru Legacy 3.0R. At the same time I removed the rear lambda sensors. When I disable the DCT:s I could not find P0137 and P0157. I assumed at the time that the Ecu didn't have those DCT:s.

But now the engine light is on and when I read the DCT:s P0137 and P0157 comes up.

Does enyone have a definition for my car there I can disable P0137 and P0157 or do I need to reinstall the rear lambda sensors?

I've not seen a good open source definition for that engine so please be careful as you tune it.

I don't know the emissions rules in your country, but here we can't turn emissions items off so I'm sorry that's not something I know about.

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