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Dual fuel pump expectations.

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Hey guys , I have dual walbro 525s. Im not sure what to expect from them as far as function. Assuming they are allocated correctly I don’t here them prime or try to run on as I crank or anything. I just here the relays click once and then again. What am I missing.

haltech elite 2000

they each have a relay and a switch . On a custom harness.

Here’s what I’ve been messing with so far.

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So do you get power at the pumps? Could you have a fuse that has opened?

The most likely reason you hear two clicks, probably about 2 seconds apart, is that many (most?) ECUs will turn on the pumps with the ignition but, if they don't get a crank signal, turn off again as a safety feature.

You're going to need to get someone to check if they're getting power, or, rather, have voltage across them when you turn ithe ignition on. If there isn't, check the power to chassis - if that is fine, check the ground terminal to chassis - it is possible to have a bad ground. In either case, always a good idea to check the wiring - on that, they do draw a fair bit of current - is the wiring up to it?

If there isn't voltage at the pump, it may be a blown fuse - these pumps draw a lot of current and need to be individually wired (I think you did that?) and the wiring and fuse to be rated for that.

You say the relays are clicking, can you confirm it is the fuel pump relays and not something else, as there is a small chance you have the allocation wrong - looks OK, but I'm far from an expert.

If there is voltage across the pump, can any vibration be felt? If not, check there is an actual current draw with an ammeter - there is a very small chance of an internal open circuit.

If ithey pass all the above, there is a chance they are not self priming - some pumps NEED to have fuel in them, be primed, but others will draw fuel themselves and your pumps 'should' be that type, but...

Thank you , you are spot on. I’m not getting a crank/cam signal for some reason

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