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hello there i want to ask something , im confused what injectors to choose , i am between the dw1000 and id 1000 the ids are about 100euro more. i have an sr20det engine and im targeting about 350hp .

You can order the ID's as a flow-matched set and they seem to work well on also on short pulsewith. I am not implying that others do not.

In the end, both will be as good as your tune

I'm using DW since one and half year and never head a problem. I'm happy with them. Have a look at the new DW2 line based on the new Bosch EV14 injector. They have a staleness steel internals and ball design nozzle which are compatible with race fuels including MTBE-oxygenated fuels, ethanol blended fuels (including e85) and methanol blended fuels.

Ethanol fuels are hygroscopic and will absorb water. That could lead to rust on the injector nozzle, which will harm the injector and consequently the engine (if it run to lean on particular cylinders)

That said I like to ask, who had already such a problem of injector contamination or rust on Ethanol fuels?

im not using e85 or ethanol at all

unleaded 98ron because its a drift car i dont want to raise the expenses. and i will have good power and torque..

the question is can i use DW 1000 ? the latency time i want to be small i am about to run it 350 hp

You don't need so big injectors for your target power. Consider choosing something abou 550 or so. You will have much smother with them.

You don't need the issues 1000cc injector will bring, you get no benefits from using so big injectors.

Yes, modern 1000cc injectors works quite well on short pulse width but anyway you won't need them.

Making to much reserve is not good in building performance engine

550cc would be too small for 350hp (way over 80/85% of duty cycle)

The "correct" size would be closer to 700cc for a 4 cylinders engine on 98ron unleaded fuel. (close to 80% of duty)

But, 1000cc injectors make sense if the target is "350hp for know" (and maybe more later on)

As for the brand, I would go with ID. Their specs are much more detailed.

I would go for ID1000's personally, I have had nothing but grief calibrating the DW injectors, least the old one, I believe they've updated things tho.

I've no experience with FIC so can't really offer an opinion on them

There is a lot of misunderstanding around the options in the 1000 cc injector market. Within reason none of the injector manufacturers are 'making' these injectors and they all start life as a production Bosch injector. If this is the case you could rightly ask why you would pay a premium for the ID brand? The answer comes down to their dynamic flow matching that ensures each set of injectors are flow matched throughout their operation range. Check this article from Tony Palo for a better explanation - http://injectordynamics.com/articles/does-dynamic-matching-really-matter/

To the best of my knowledge ID are the only company performing this dynamic flow matching. Is it worth the extra dollars? Only you can decide this, however at least you can now make an informed decision.

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