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DW1200 injectors driver type deadtime???

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soo, i am tuning a r33 gtr rb26 with 1200cc DW injectors using a link g4+.

And something isnt completely clear to me, the deadtime data DW provides for this particular injector can have 2 driver types and i dont know which 1 i am supposed to use with a link g4+.

I was hoping some one can shed the light and explain to me which 1 to use and why??

the link to the DW datasheet is below

thanks in advance!

What ecu do you have? A plug-in ecu?

Yes a gtr plug in ecu

Ok, that ecu doesn’t have peak and hold drivers as the original wiring had a resistor inline. So ensure the resistor is still in place and I would expect the “driver A” data to be a better match.