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dwell settings and charge limits for IGN1A coils on M1

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Im actually surprised MoTeC doesnt have a selectable option from the coil menu for these coils yet. Im attaching a picture of my settings for these coils, just want to make sure im too aggressive with the dwell and charging limits. Any input is appreciated!!

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Your dwell is probably a little higher than I'd run with 4.8 ms @ 14v. The recommendation from AEM is to use a base dwell time of 3 ms and only increase it if you're having trouble with misfires under high load. Their instructions are here:


This is the MoTeC dwell curve for the IGN-1A Mercury copy P/N 2442 5278.

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Thanks for the input Andre and Rex!!

Here is another question for you guys.

What size power/ground leads are you running on these coils? I have a set of them on my 1jz but still need to make the loom.

Personally I used 18 gauge and have no issues so far. Seen other setups that also used 18 gauge on high powered 2Js with out issue.

Can someone give me a little more clarification on the "Ignition Coil Charge limit Minimum/Maximum" settings? The Description says its a percentage of the main charge time table but thats doesnt make sense to me. I just want to have a firm grasp on all these setup items.


I believe the Ignition Coil Charge Time Limit Minimum (and Maximum) are to deal with engines that are accelerating (or decelerating) rapidly. The ECU starts the charging the coil ahead of the anticipated Ignition Timing angle -- But if the engine accelerates rapidly then the coil may not be charged enough to fire the spark, so the charge continues to at least the "Limiit Minimum" (ie, 50% less than the Ign Coil Charge Time), when this is complete, the spark will be generated, but this is retarted from the intended Ignition Timing.

Similarly, if the engine is decelerating rapidly, then the coil may reach it's Maximum Charge time (50% more than Ign Coil Charge Time), and to avoid damaging the coil with over current, the spark may fire in advance of the intended Ignition Timing.

To tune these values properly, you need to understand the minimum time required before your coil will fire, and the maximum charge time it can tolerate. I've never had a problem leaving them at a default of -50% Limit Minimum and 50% Limit Maximum, with the various stock COP setups I have used.

Thanks Dave. I made a coil duty cycle math channel in i2 to make sure im not running these coils any higher than 40% duty.

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