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Helllo ,

Apologizes for the noob question but can someone tell me how can I check dwell time ? When saying check I am reffering to setting it up as well etc. Is there a webinar that has those details ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Kanjo. There are a few methods to test the ideal dwell time for a given coil at a given voltage. The method in this video is probably the best.

Unfortunately most people don't have a set up like this so if you're using an aftermarket coil the manufacturer can probably suggest some dwell settings. Another less ideal method is to aim a thermometer gun at the coil while the car is running then add some more dwell and see if the coil heats up. If it starts getting hot it's too much dwell.

Most aftermarket ECUs will have the option to set dwell at a fixed level or a variable map.

The dwell time is usually determined from the coil manufacturers spec sheets. If you can't get that information, then you might find this article helpful on how to figure it out for yourself if you have access to a current probe and an oscilloscope: