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dyno datalogging

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Looking for opinions and options for an independent data logger for my Dynapack.

I know it had spare 0-20v inputs but the problem comes when the sensors need a power source, to keep things simple I thought I'd try and find a standalone unit that will just run another screen for.

What does everyone else use?

I looked into this when I first got my Dynapack. I was considering using a Motec ADL3 dash as a logging device so that I could then analyse the data in i2. The problem is that the communication between the dyno controller and the PC is via RS232 and you would need to know what was communicated in that data stream to be able to read torque, power, rpm or any of the dynos internal channels.

I ended up putting it in the 'not worth it' basket :)

Independent power supply it is then lol.

The more cars I am tuning the more unsettling it is not knowing simple things like oil and fuel pressures. Considering wiring my KS4 output into it too

It shouldn't really be a big deal to add a regulated power supply to the dyno cabinet.

I find more often now I'm relying on the ECU logging during a dyno pull for all me data. The only downside is that when you're doing steady state tuning you most likely won't have the torque reading from the dyno on your laptop.

Apparently Dynapack are in the process of adding 0 to 5V output for torque. I have no idea how scalable it is as it has not been released yet. It has been promised to a new Dynapack customer here in NZ and one of the terms of the sale was that torque was available out of the dyno.

As Andre says, most quality ECUs have decent logging software so I generally just use that as all the criticial sensors are already there.

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