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Dyno on rubber cushions?

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Hi guys! Could you tell me Is there a need to install the dyno on rubber pads to reduce vibration? Or just use an anchor mounts?

Hello i would be using anchor mounts where possible

If you're asking about a simple rubber pad Vs bolted to ground (concrete) anchors then bolted directly would be the correct thing.

However, if you're thinking about rubber isolators, like these - https://www.ebcoinc.com/shear-rubber-mounts - you can have both.

Depending on the price, I'd be tempted to just bolt it down but, depending on the installation, the isolators may make a noticeable different to vibration passed through the ground to the rest of the building. I don't have personal experience (that I recall) to comment on any actual difference for dyno's, but for heavy machinery it can definitely make a difference - note, vibration characteristics could have been quite different.

[edit] Those isolators can be bolted to the floor, as can many other bobbin types.

Funny story. ———- my inertia motorcycle dyno was sitting on 20 mm rubber pads, my hayabusa was in 3 rd gear at full noise , ( maybe 180+ks ) some of the balancing weights in a cavity at the end of the (200kg ) roller had been poorly welded —- and broke away , Me the dyno and the bike went bouncing around my workshop ——- great fun

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