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dyno tuning with out street/road driving?

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Hey Guys,

Im wondering if theres a way to dyno tune or even setup a dyno cell that is accurate enough to not need to street drive the cars afterwards to finish dialing in the tune?? i would like my tunes to be as accurate as possible with the best drivability. what im really trying to avoid is doing WOT pulls on the street. if we have to drive the cars under normal driving conditions on the street that would be fine. anyways im curious what everyones thoughts and experiences are on this. thanks in advance!

obviously we would be using some sort of loadcell dyno.

Hey Sam,

A dyno is a good tool to put load on an engine but you won't be able to replicate the airflow that you experience on the road/track. The adjustment needed between the dyno and road will also depend on the setup you are tuning. If you are reflashing a naturally aspirated OEM ECU that has a lot of built in correction already set up it will probably need smaller adjustment compared to a standalone using speed density with a turbocharged engine.

Thanks for the response frank.

so yes reflash oem ecu's. We do alot of GM cars, even more specifically Corvettes. the real question here i think is, can i setup a dyno cell/room to replicate the street/track airflow to be within a few percent. were thinking about bringing dyno tuning in house as we currently outsource and i hate driving these cars at WOT on the street as theres a ton of risk that comes with that (vehicle damage, laws, weather, etc.). So if i can eliminate the majority of that risk that would be amazing. again if i have to drive the car to adjust the drivability factors thats perfectly fine, just want to avoid full on street pulls. any further insight is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Great dyno cells and dynos do approximate real world use much better than others, so do what you can there.

"Real world" test confirmation and tweaking is ideal in terms of tune completion, but not safety as you've mentioned. Always put your safety and that of your customer and their vehicle first. I use the track when needed.

As you tune more similar vehicles you'll start to find certain adjustments you end up making between the dyno and road, and can incorporate them at the end of your dyno process, so that does help a bit.

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