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Dynojet 24XLC (Load Bearing) Steady State Ignition Tuning with Haltech Elite 2500

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I currently own a Dynojet 224XLC that has steady state capabilities and it works great for AF tuning through the map. The part that I am not able to get figured out is how to do ignition tuning during steady state as cleanly as Andre is doing it here with this software (see attached pic).

So my question is with the Winpep 8 Dyno Control and a Haltech is there a way to run a similar setup? I would love to be able to see my actual ignition degree plotted against real time torque output like this.


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Mainline's dyno Torque Optimization feature is seldomly found with other manufacturers, if at all.

Having said this, any dyno capable of "importing" Ignition angle (CAN Message) and If the machine can hold load in steady state, should be able to display such a graph, when the control software accomodates for it.

Furthermore, it is not mission critical to have MBT within a tenth of a degree, in my opinion, just watch the torque numbers when altered by your keystroke.

You can perhaps draw a torque plot in your dyno software but make a "mental" note in regards to the actual Ignition advance you are commanding the ECU.

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