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E36 Link G4X 7 Bar plug in won't start

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Hi All,

setting up my first link from sratch. a bit of background

The car is BMW 1998 M52 Engine which is the EU Spec with alluminium block. The standard ECU is the Siemens MS41.

Link plug in won't work with it as it is suitable for M50 with Bosch MS3 ECU so I bought the loom

I swapped the loom, water temp sensor from M50 block, Crank and Camshaft sensor from M50 block and car won't start.

I have loaded the base map for G4x and can see it selects the multitooth for trigger and doesn't have anything for M50, very strange as they have one for M52! I have tried changing the trigger to M52 and still no luck.

So far:

ecu enabled

Tested individual injectors and can hear them clicking . Tested via link

Tested individual coil and can hear them clicking. tested via link

FUel pump is on AUX8, when I trun the key on, no sound and also when I test no sound as if no fuel is delivered

Trigger was on what came with base map (multitooth) and then changed to m52.

Sensors are three pin both so should be hall effect and have tested with pull up resistor on and off as well as raising and failing edge

Trigger scope is extremly slow and unresponsive, is it going to show live data once you press capture?

I have attached few screenshots . What do you think is the issue? Trigger scope certainly doesn't look right.

Attached Files

Have you checked if you have the coil and injectors operating when the engine is cranked over?

"FUel pump is on AUX8, when I trun the key on, no sound and also when I test no sound as if no fuel is delivered"

That is the place I'd start - it's most likely the fump isn't being initiated for some reason. Check if you have fuel in the rail and you're actually getting fuel pressure, if not, you may need to run a jumper to the fuel pump to get it to run (assuming not stepper type) and see if you can start the engine then.

If so, you know at least one issue to remedy, and you may be able to get more data on others.

If not, it may be a common fault affecting the ECU's basic functions. Have you checked if you have coil and injectors operating when the engine is cranked over?

It's a little confusing, but you have a M52, the ECU is supposed to support the M50, so you changed the triggers and sensors from the '52 to the '50? However, the ECU only has M52 crank trigger option and neither the swapped in M50 or the replaced M52 triggers work? - what are4 the differences, if any, of the trigger wheels? What about the camshaft sensor(s), etc, is there any indication they're different and have you tried the M52?

I assume you've gone over the ECU power and ground wiring to ensure you have sufficient power and effective grounds? Those trigger signals are all over the place, and the most common reason is bad wiring and connections.

For the triggerscope to display a trace, crank the motor, wait a second or two, then press the record button.

I have M52 engine with M52 loom. Bought M50 engine complete with gearbox and loom. I installed the loom and sensors from M50 into M52.

Ok have spent most of today on the car and started it. I have purchased a spark in-line tester to see if ecu ref timing currently at -328 is correct as car doesn't run well. there are no mark on m50 however tdc has a mark so should be able to know when it is at 0 degree.

does the trigger scope attached look normal to you? I applied filtering from level1 to 4 with no impact.

if you press the accelerator, it does rev ok / no issues however if you press slowly, it hangs on 2k roughly like a redline limit. I am thinking that is what the base map is really, now i need to start tuning it after I am confident the timing is right.

Reading through to workout what is wrong, if you can offer any help, that is very much appreciated.

I have read this post re timing/ didnt help


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