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E38 Stuck in OL-Fault few seconds after start up.

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6.0L - 30 over

single turbo

stage 3 cam

2 bar map

SD Tuning, MAF Disabled, Dynamic Air disabled, No post Sensors and deleted CATS. Having a problem with the fuel system. Fuel system is going into OL-Fault right away and will not change. It is stuck in OL Fault. I've checked everything. Confused.

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Hey Jon, I don't have my PC notebook with me so I can't look at your calibration until I'm back in the new year. When you're running the SD patch you need to fail the MAF but the MAF error needs to be set to 'No MIL light' instead of 'No error reported'. I'd also suggest you check what DTCs are being reported using the scanner as this can guide you to where the problem is.

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