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E38 VATS not disabling!

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I have a GM e38 ecu from LOJ/psi...came with 5.3 map and vats disabled..File says vats disabled but engine is acting like it isn't have had a few people look at and alter abit do write entire and car starts runs a few seconds then dies...will stay running on starter fluid...iv had vats problems in other vehicles iv owned so I know how the system works...had it bypassed on my 2000 jimmy defore I bought my HP Mv3 and turned it off...anyways ... I was reading something in the HP forum about. vat's not deleting some times when using windows framework.net 10.4.7 I believe...anyone have a slimaler problem in the passed...I have a bench harness was think about unloading the file from another laptop to see if that is my problem...

picked up another e38 ecu from the auto wreakers disabled vats and starter faults...then set dtc's...uploaded file...car started...still can't figure out y vats wouldn't disable in the first ecu

Hi Bradley, this isn't something I've personally struck before so unfortunately I can't offer much additional help. What I'd suggest if you still want to work with the original ECU is to open a support ticket with HPT direct. Their engineers will have the best chance of finding a solution for you.

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