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e50 information ?

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hey guys, I currently have a 480bhp RB25 in my s14 drift car, its on a jetro Power FC and I want to run E50, iv heard I need to Inject more so ill swap out my 550cc injectors for 750cc, I'm aiming for 550bhp..

what else may I need?

is it safe to run e50 without an ethanol content sensor? will my current GTR pump + bosch 044 and filters do or do I need special filters? also I have all factory steel fuel supply lines under car if that's an issue?

any info is much apprieciated

You should be fine with 750 cc injectors for that power aim on E50. You may find the ignition system is a little marginal as E50 is harder to ignite than pump gas, particularly given you'll be running higher boost presumably.

You 'can' run any ethanol content without a sensor, provided you make sure the ethanol is always consistent from one tank full to the next. this however is harder to achieve than it sounds and a variation in ethanol content is a quick way of destroying an engine. I always recommend an ethanol content sensor, even if the ECU is not doing flex fuel control.

I've used the 044 pump on E85 many times with no trouble. Personally I use stainless filter elements with ethanol fuel.

I'd recommend you take a look at our Flex Fuel Tuning course as it has a huge amount of info that will be helpful to you: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/ethanol-and-flex-fuel-tuning

thanks for the reply Andre,

so my ignition system is S1 RB25 splitfires with OEM igniter and BCR8ES spark plugs, ill probably boost 1.5 bar ish, what do you think?

also can you recommend any good value stand alone ethanol contect sensor and guage set up? iv seen Zeitronix on line but know nothing about them?!

ill mix the fuel 50/50 myself at home and I know the local ethanol supplier is very consistent but id still like to monitor the content if I could mount a little screen on my dash it'd be fine!!

The splitfire coils should be ok. I'd probably go one heat range colder in the plugs personally and you may find that you need a relatively tight gap - Maybe in the range of 20-25 thou.

For a standalone ethanol content sensor I would recommend the Zeitronix setup.

Actually it's a small world, just after asking you that question I came across your interview on YouTube with zeitronix!. Is there any particular model you'd recommend ?. Considering that it won't be wired to or monitored by the ECU, it'll only be on dash for my information ..

by the way your interviews are so detailed I would personally hate to be quizzed by you LOL great to watch

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