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E85 and nitrous tunning question

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This is just a genral tuning question about e85 that I have heard. My racecar is currently carb but would like to go efi eventually anyways. It has nitrous and I have heard you can not spray alot with nitrous and e85 because you are mixing two colds. I have not found any solid answer. But my gut says this is wrong because e85 seems to have a larger window before you run into knock. Any thoughts?



I haven't specifically tuned on E85 with nitrous but I can't see any valid reason why this would be problematic. A quick search on Yellow Bullet shows many people successfully using nitrous on E85 and E100 - http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=378135

The only aspect to be aware of is if you are using a wet kit, the fuel jet calibration will need to be altered to cope with the higher fuel flow required on ethanol based fuels.

As Andre said, u just need to run a bigger fuel jet with a wet kit to make up for the loss of fuel percentage.

As an example tuning a friends 12:1 6.8lt gen4 motor it makes around 480rwhp n/a on pump 98 octane so it runs a 41 fuel nozzle and 88 for nitrous (250shot). on e85 we run between 44-46 for the fuel.

Hi I have wrx running a small amount of nitrous to spool big turbo, followed your tutorial, set up and it works brilliant. Now the problem I have is going to flex fuel, e85ish. My duel fuel an ignition maps are an overlay for the nitrous. So, if I run interpolate between for flex fuel what am I going to do for the nitrous? Can i add 3rd an 4th tables? What's the best way around this? Thanks

Much like you noted for fuel comp in the other thread, you can use dual ignition tables with interpolation as part of the flex fuel system, then a 4d ignition comp can be applied while spraying nitrous.

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