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Early 4age good knock sensor location

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Unlike newer 4age blocks the very early ones do not have

A knock sensor place at top of the block.

So im wondering where a good location would be?

Im thinking top left where thread for water bracket is in picture?

(In picture top left you see 2 threaded holes one at top and 1 below,i mean the upper one)

Im using bosch donut knock sensor with g4 knock link

(See picture in attach which is block like mine)

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Yes, the location between 3 and 4, the higher one, would be your best bet. Just keep in mind that cyl. 1 (and 2) is farther away and that their noise signals may be weaker. Having said that, a knock sensor with cyl input can help you to add an additional safety margin when you get signals from cyl 2 and 1.

How about the other side of the block? Do you have a thread between 2 and 3?

It is a good idea to make sure to sand off the paint, make sure the surface where the sensor contacts the block is true level.

Yes there is no perfect solution for 4age early block.

Im using g4 knocklink with bosch donut type knock sensor.

Not sure im following on cyl input.

I have attached picture of other side of block.

Maybe in middle next to oil filter,thats only spot in middle i can see.

Need to be carefull not melting knock sensor with exhaust manifold :)

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I would choose the location next to the oil filter between 2 and 3. Yes, ideally the mounting point should be a little higher but I would feel more confident to pick up a reasonable signal from cylinder number one, respectively an overall more balanced knock input. Your knock sensor will not get damaged in that location I presume. Just make sure to insulate and carefully wire the electrical leads, secure them, keep them close to the block and apply no tension to the wires.

What I meant with cyl trigger input was: On some knock detection devices, such as the Plex monitor, you can feed in the crankshaft signal. This allows the measuring equipment to display knock levels for the individual cylinders. Also, some of the later ECU's such as the MoTec M150 feature individual cylinder knock detection. IF my sensor was mounted between 3- 4, I would pay more attention to the signals coming from the 1 -2 since their knock signals would most likely be a bit weaker.

Ok thanks for the information.

I know where to put the knock sensor now and all information i need :)

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