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ecm titanium maf calibration

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Hey guys. If you add a turbo or supercharger to the car, do you calibrate the MAF sensor or just do AFR adjustments to compensate? I've added a supercharger to my car but the driver maps on ecm titanium don't have a MAF map to calibrate.

Do you have a MAF Maximum voltage setting ?

DynoDom, no, Titanium only has maps for Base fuel, power enrichment fuel, spark timing, engine rev limiter - nothing else. I see most instances the MAF calibration is always first but if I can't access the MAF table, what do I do? I'm a beginner and would be my actual first ever tune so I don't know what I should do.

Do you Run Into a MAF limit fault ?

Can you log Lambda values ?

How much boost are you running?


I would always suggest scaling the MAF properly, rather than leaving the values incorrect and fudging the vehicle to air/fuel targets by making the fuel targets values that don't represent the AFR you actually want. This causes all sorts of issues, the largest of which is incorrect load calculation which impacts ignition timing and other core functionality i.e. transmission control.

You're always better off scaling the MAF correctly. This will result in wideband readings matching your air/fuel targets, and give you proper load calculation for all the systems that need it.

Hi Mike, thank you but then what do you suggest if I cannot access the MAF calibration. I really can't justify a standalone or spending a crapload of time learning and investing in Winols, hoping that I'd be able to find that map on there. Not sure what I should do.

What vehicle/engine application is this for?

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