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Ecotrons ALM-CAN ?Link g4+

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Hello guys i have a Ecotrons ALM-can wide band and have install it on the car and been trying to install it to a Link g4+storm ecu and till today no luck with the CAN template in the Link software,any body have any idea or what else i can try .lambda 1 on the link software show 0.00 lambda .i have follow the link help section many times .

Could you post up your map? In case it's a setting you've missed?

Chris have you got this setup working properly.have you install one of those ecotrons can wide band ?.

I second that, post up your map and I'll have a look bellotech. It's not a wideband I've used before but I'll see if I can help.

Ok Andre will post the map you can take a look in to it.

Hello Andre here is the map take a look and lmk if you find anything that might be wrong.or lmk if i have to make some changes in the CAN setup.

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Hi - Ive got an ecotrons wired up to an engine on a test bench - Mine was custom with a gauge an analog output and can output . At first i used the link can template and no luck at all but then realized after going over the instructions many time that any unused outputs must be earthed to the ecu sensor ground . After that works perfectly.

Thanks h8luzn i will try that .so any out put that is not used need to be to ecu ground .green wire

H8luzn i had 4 aux open and connected them tho the green wire sensor ground and when back upload the template and still no reading on lambda1 ,i do have still 3x ignition out put open those need to be grounded as well ???do you have a ANV selected as lambda1 ????

Hi - i didnt make myself clear . I had an unused output on my ecotrons that had to be earthed to the link sensor ground . Also i think ( from memory ) that you cant assign an AN input to lambda when you have it connected via can .

Sorry Bellotech, I only just got the chance to look at this. First of all I've never used the Ecotrons ALM so I can only go off the data I've read. It appears that your configuration in the Link is correct as per the help file so assuming this is in fact correct and tested, you should be ok on this front. I'm not familiar with any specific steps that need to be followed in the Ecotrons so I'd check the manual regarding anything specific you may need to do to configure the CAN communications.

The most common reason for trouble with CAN devices beyond configuration would be wiring. Ensure the CAN H and CAN L orientation is correct and follow normal CAN wiring protocol with regard to terminating resistors (If you're wiring to the separate CAN plug on the G4+ ECU this has an internal terminating resistor so if you've added one externally this can trip you up).

The other CAN gotcha is the baud rate. Make sure both devices are configured for the same rate. Typically 500 kb/s for production automotive, and 1 mb/s (also sometimes referred to as 1000 kb/s) for motorsports applications. All the devices on any CAN bus will need to operate at the same speed, or nothing will be able to communicate.

Thanks guys i will take a second look again 2 the wiring .and also on the CAN speed .

Andre i dont have a terminating resistors installed.i have been using the can PORT @ the front of the link ecu for the link storm model.is there anything i need to look for in the Run time values so i know if there is a error or if everything is ok with the CAN network.??

@David, the bit rate in this case is correctly set at 250 kbit/sec as per Ecotrons however you're right, that is a common issue.

@Bellotech if the CAN bus is 1 metre or less then terminating resistors aren't essential but beyond this they are recommended. You've already got one internally fitted at the ECU but I'm unsure about the Ecotrons unit. The problems comes when you try adding an external terminating resistor to the Link ECU too. If you check your runtime values and move to the 'CAN' tab you should see everything under the CAN 1 Status showing green with no reported errors.

Hello guys i have figure it out the Ecotrons can wide band working now .main issue was bad connection on the Can-h wire to link ecu conector.

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