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Hi. I have an R32-GTR with a link G4 ecu. i'm hooked up to pclink and it's reading 194 C before i even start the engine, and when i do it runs so rich that fuel pours out of the exhaust. I'm thinking its running this rich because of the ECT degree reading? i have changed the ECT sensor but that didn't change anything.

I recently swapped the engine out and put all the same bolt ons back on. eg. siemens 750cc injectors, garrett gt35 turbo. It was running fine until it ran lean and melted a piston due to a faulty Fpr. I put the same fpr back on and everything else is the same so i though it would run the same, being on the same tune? please help.


Hi. Are you sure youre readings are in Celsius and not Farenheit?

And you put back in a faulty fpr after melting a piston?

Your right, the faulty coolant temp will be causing the fueling to be way off, unless it's the faulty FPR.

could you attach your map file and someone can take a look at it? or a screen shot of your run time values table and Aux input settings?

It sounds like you will have a 0v (or close enough to it) value from your ECT sensor. Most temp sensors are NTC, with a low voltage correlating to a high temp, as most automotive sensors do not read that high, it diagnoses to me that you have a failed sensor and it needs to be replaced.

HPATemp. I meant to say i put the standard FPR back in not the same one, so it shouldnt have anything to do with the fpr.

BlackRex. I already changed the ECT sensor so that can't be the problem?

Chris250. It was reading 194 Celsius because that was the set error value, in the Analog inputs. I changed The value to 80, but that didn't make any difference. Maybe the problem is at Aux outputs. they're all turned off. A7 - GP Output is linked to the ECT. If you need any more info, just let me know. Any help is appreciated. I tried to attach the files but it didn't work (working on it)


If the sensor is not the issue then your problem is likely to be in the wiring. I would confirm that the AT input and sensor ground are both intact and not damaged.

Post up your map and it may be easier to help you out. I'm not sure what your GP output is doing based of ECT but it may be a little more apparent after seeing the map.

yeah, I'll go double check the wiring today. I attached the map file but can't open it. So i took some photos. hope they help.


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