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ECU 4424 Stinger issuse

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Hi fellow HPA members

Wondering who can help. I have the above model ECU fitted in the passenger foot well of my 1990 VN Commodore running a 3800 V6 series 1 motor, car is a dedicated race car.

As I'm not the original builder or owner, cars had a couple of owners since been built. I managed to track down some computer cables, Stinger disc's incl one for the data logger and a logger version 1.

Problem is instructions say load onto a laptop running Windows 95 or preferably Windows 2000 Professional. As I haven't seen or got anything near that the best I've got is Windows XP ( glad I didn't chuck out an old PC).

When I try loading CDs and run nothing comes up on PC which may be software incompatibility or the fact that some CDs can loose information over time.

Any suggestions on how I can get to access my ECU?

I look forward to any assistance and thanks for the time taken to read my thread.

Regards Malcolm

Web archive is pretty handy for tracking down stuff like this. Here is their download page from 2017, I just downloaded the 4424 software "ST4 installer" and it installed and ran on my win 10 machine ok.


Thanks Adam for such a speedy response to my question. I did google it prior to posting but didn't see anything about Web archives so that's really appreciated for what you've done.

Further question you may be able to help with it has a warning that the logger cable must not be plugged directly into the ECU. Logger cable can only be plugged into logger only use normal ECU cable for tuning ECU.

The data logger I have literally only looks like a double ended connection. What's its purpose in the equation. Sorry to sound thick but it's the first vehicle I've ever run with an ECU.

Thanks once again for taking the time out to respond.

Regards Malcolm

I have tuned one 10 years or more ago but I dont remember much about it. It sounds like what you are calling a "logger" is possibly a hand controller of some sort - or maybe a serial logger? I dont remember one with the stinger I tuned. The cable difference is possibly one is a serial cable and one is a "null modem cable" - basically the Tx/Rx wires are crossed over inside.

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