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ECU and CANbus solution

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I just picked up a 2103 dodge charger R/T blacktop with a bad 5.7 and would like to put in my spare 2jz and keep all oem functions of the dodge. has anyone tried to get this CAN system to interact with a standalone? as of now the 2jz is ran off the supra N/A auto ecu with a piggyback Greddy Emanage Blue. I have an AEM V2 that i can use as well.

Hi Robert, unfortunately I'm not aware of any solutions that would suit your application. I imagine most people modifying the Dodge Charger wouldn't be resorting to engine swaps which may not help your case too much.

This is a guess and it may be incorrect, but would it be possible to design a harness that includes both the stock factory dodge ECU and also incorporates an aftermarket programmable ECU to split the functions needed between them?

I know that in the Genesis community when performing LS swaps, a similar technique is employed to maintain a functional gauge cluster in the car. I believe that a few members of the community have had Boomslang create some sort of patch harness for this setup.

I have never tried this myself, but it seems to work for some applications. I have no idea how much reverse engineering may be required but I would check and see if anyone in the Dodge community has done something like this and ask some questions.

Sorry if this wasn't helpful and please correct me if I am wrong about how this works.

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