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ECU capable to control AT

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Hello everyone,

I would be grateful if you guys can suggest an ECU capable to control A340 Aisin Transmission. I am running it with 2JZ single turbo.

Thanks in advance.

A MoTeC M150 ecu with GPR-AT firmware would be able to handle both the engine and transmission control in this application without any issues.

Haltech Elite and MaxxEcu also

HTG Tuning GCU is also another option as a standalone transmission controller

I'm running a MaxxECU RACE with our 1JZ/A340 car. I/O is pretty packed but its doable.

There is another stand-alone at controller called ATECU which is very famous here ...

I have a friends who was running the ATECU along with AEM but in the end of the day they did quite this setup.

HTG GCU looks like a serious stuff and I never heard of it before.

Ideally I would like to have stand alone ECU for this purpose. So far MOTEC is confirmed to be able controlling the A340. I have heard the Haltech also integrated AT control in their software but I see no wiring suggestion within Elite series diagrams..

The A340 control is pretty straight forward. I particularly like the Aristo JZS161 version of the Transmission as its extra solenoids allow good use of Triptronic/Paddle style shifting. The Supra and Earlier transmissions don't have these extra solenoids and rely on the shifter location for some of the fluid control.

I like having the ECU/TCU in one as things like shiftcut/retard etc are so straight forward.


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