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ECU choice - M130 GPR vs Link Fury G4+

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently making decisions for new electronics for my personal race car. The main choice I'm trying to make is between a Motec M130 and a Link Fury G4+.

The engine that it will be running is an SR20 with DBW, WB02, crank and cam position sensors, flex fuel and launch & traction control. Also planning to use a Motec PDM setup, and a logging dash either an AIM MXG or a C125.

Obviously integration between the devices is going to be easiest using all Motec products, however there is a significant cost disadvantage. Using the M130 would also require the addition of WB to CAN converter, adding even further cost. Talking rough prices for ECUs only, the M130 GPR would be about $3300 plus $500 for the motec LTC, so it totals $3800 The Link Fury is around $2000.

Is the extra $1800 odd worth it to go with the M130? Looking at specs, the Link can do everything the M130 can, so where is the trade off? I've seen some other threads with Andre commenting about some issues with Links closed loop boost control and traction/launch control strategies not being as good as Motecs, but they were a few years old.

I've used motec products in the past, with i2 pro for data analysis, and love how user friendly it is, but this was with other people paying for it.


You will be a long time living with the choice you make. Just make sure you pick the once you WANT and that is the best option for your long term requirements.

The M130 capabilities are increasing on a quarterly basis, the latest example being cruise control. And if you need something and it isn't in the GPR you can always go "build" and make your own.

If the cheap option does everything you can every think of doing, save the money. If there is doubt, consider the long term and whether waiting and saving the extra would be worthwhile.

For me, the ability to go sequential upper and lower injectors on a V6 in the future justified the extra cost. The fact they just added cruise control justified that decision...that could save me the difference on speeding fines!

Have the same argument every day...can sympathise with you...I always try and look to the long game.

Hi Lachlan, you pose a tricky question and this is actually a common case where people are trying to weigh up costs vs benefits. I've used both systems pretty extensively so I'll try and offer an objective view of both systems.

First of all it's important to say that both ECUs will run the car and both will do a good job. The MoTeC as you've highlighted will require an LTC and hence the cost is getting on towards double. What I'd say however is that the motorsport functions of the M1 GPR are superior to the Link and that is mainly what you're paying for. As for communication between different devices, either ECU will be absolutely fine. In fact the Link actually has one of the most configurable CAN bus templates of all the aftermarket ECUs I deal with and will comfortably communicate to any PDM or dash - Sending data to either an AIM Sport or MoTeC dash is as simple as selecting the appropriate template in both devices.

Here's what I've found from using both systems:

1. Closed loop boost control is superior on the MoTeC. When correctly set up with the right mechanical system, you can be within a few kPa of your boost target. The Link closed loop boost control has a bug that prevents it providing the accuracy I expect. We proved this to Link about 2 years ago on one of their own development cars and provided logs and a description of what was wrong. Link to the best of my knowledge still haven't fixed this although I can't speak for the new G4X at this point. That being said, you can do a decent job of open loop boost control in the Link and incorporate MAP as a load axis for the open loop table to give some kind of correction for under/over boost.

2. Traction control and launch control are superior on the MoTeC. We ran a G4+ in our 350Z for a considerable time and used the traction control which was effective in so much as it reduced wheel spin in the wet, but in the dry I found it could be over bearing to the point where the car was faster without traction control - This could be down to configuration but I did spend a lot of time trying to find an improvement.

3. If you're ever considering using a sequential gearbox with clutchless shifting then the MoTeC provides a lot more control around the closed loop shift, timing of the various stages of the shift, and the ability to log these parameters fast enough (requires level 3 logging) to properly optimise them.

4. Closed loop fuel control in the MoTeC is superior. I happily run full time closed loop fuel control on any M1 ECU I tune, however I tend to disable the closed loop control under WOT/high load in the G4+. I could never get the level of control I feel is required under high load conditions.

I'm being fussy with most of the above with the exception of the closed loop boost control (which I feel should be a basic requirement in any current ECU), and to reiterate, both will do a stand up job of running the engine and you're not going to see any additional power from using the likes of the M1 over the G4+. It's the motorsport functionality and your budget that should be your deciding factor.