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ECU Choice to run a Subaru SVX (EG33)

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I am getting ready to purchase the Electronics for my GC8 track car running a Subaru SVX EG33 H6 engine and i could use some advise on my ECU choice. the engine is going to be completely stock to start with, but with plans to build it up over time. This engine is drive by cable. 2 knock sensors. where it gets interesting is the engine position inputs. this engine has 2 variable reluctor crank position sensors and 1 variable reluctor camshaft position sensors. does anyone have experience setting up this kind of trigger set up?

Additionally i'd like to invest the money now into my ECU so that later on I could swap to a more modern Subaru engine, Like the EJ207. It would require the ECU to run 4 Variable Cams and drive by wire.

I am currently considering an AEM infinity 708 or a Motec M130. but open to any suggestions.

Additionally I plan to do all of the tuning myself, this being my first tuning project.

here are some details of my build.

Engine: EG33 (Naturally aspirated 3.3L H6 from the Subaru SVX)

Transmission: is a 5spd from a USDM Subaru Baja turbo the gear ratios for that transmission are

1. 3.454 2. 1.947 3. 1.366 4. 0.972 5. 0.738 Final Drive 4.44

Clutch: Exedy Stage 1 for a Baja turbo. Exedy light weight flywheel

Rear Differential: is a R160 Suretrac 4.44

Brakes: Brembo 4/2s from GD chassis STI

Suspension: Jic Magic Coil overs. Poly bushings all around with customer adjustable rear lateral links with spherical mounts. Custom front end bump steer correction tie rods and ball joints. STI power steering rack. 2:1 quick steering column. Full Roll cage.

Wheels: Mach V 17x9 with 235/45 tires

Hi Josh.

I would suggest you to check out Emtron ECU's.

That would be my first choice.



I suggest you consider buying for the future. Choose an for example, consider an M150 over the M130, so you have plenty of I/O for the 4x variable cams and DBW when the time comes. By carefully designing your harness, you can make it so that your current engine will run with an M130 (ie. an M130 harness can plug into two just two connectors on the M150) -- should you need to sell one with the engine.

Make sure your crank pattern both now and in the future is supported by the ECU platform you choose. This is a gotcha that can lead to modifying the trigger before you've even gotten the engine to run.

Consider your support. Can your supplier for either the MoTeC or AEM provide the assistance and guidance you may need for your first project. Are there experts local to you could lean on for help.

I've sold and tuned on both platforms and both can do an excellent job, however I have not explored the exact details of your requirements.

The AEM Infinity and MoTeC M1 are quite different in terms of functionality and price point (particularly if you're considering the GPR motorsport focussed M1 package) so I don't necessarily think you're comparing apples with apples. Both ECUs are very capable but their functions are quite different. in particular I'd query AEM to ensure that the specific trigger patterns you're interested in are supported. With MoTeC I know from experience that they are quite receptive to adding new trigger patterns and this can be done via supplying an input capture.

A Fotis has mentioned, Emtron is probably another worthy option. I can't comment too much because at this point I haven't used one personally.

Thanks for the insight. I have Emailed both Motec and AEM. Waiting to hear back from them to find out if that trigger pattern is going to be supported. I'm going to do some research on Emtron. they weren't on my radar previously.

how did you get on with this Josh am going through the same build atm there is a few ways you can do these

The EG33 is a very simple engine and almost any ECU on the planet will have no trouble with the trigger. It is just a plain 12T crank and single tooth cam. You dont use the second 6 tooth crank wheel which was just used as a fast start strategy on the OEM ecu.

No VVT, No DBW. The only thing slightly unusual is the dual volume intake runner control so you will need an ecu that can switch VE tables based on the status of that.

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