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ECU Circuit board visual check.

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Hi Team! Hope you're all well. Please excuse me if this is on here somewhere..... Long story short, Just acquired a stand alone LINK 2nd hand from from ex-sprint boat, now as it's marine I'd expect some minor corrosion on or around terminals..... Found non on terminals, great! So I thought I'd just open her up and check motherboard.... Ouch!!! there's a couple suspicious areas, if someone could please shed some light on how to check this out properly before I start installation? Thanks for reading!

Curious Tinker

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That thing has been full of saltwater for some time by the looks. It is pretty hard to stop the corrosion once it has made its way through the conformal coating and under components so it may never be reliable now. Im no electronics repair wiz, but I would be giving it several doses of contact deoxidiser with several good scrubbing with a fibreglass scratch brush in between, then several rinses with isopropanol before re-conformal coating it.

Cheers Adam. Totally understand and will do that cleansing process. Followed by a pray to the CarLords 🙏

And just one other silly question. Can I power up the Ecu after cleaning, with minimal to no sensors and Run PClink in order to determine operation and view any logged information?

Yes, +12v on pin A5 and ground on pin A34 is all you need to power up.

You are awesome! Thank you so much.

Extremely appreciated!

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