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ECU Controlled Accusump valve

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has anyone used an ecu to control and accusump valve?

my theory would be to run a table like the attached. effectively it holds peak oil pressure until it drops below the threshold. (haltech elite 1000)

my concerns are all centered around response time, be it lag in the ecu calculation,valve opening speed etc.

i also think a check valve that bypasses the electric valve positioned so it allows oil into the accusump when ever the pressure is greater than whats in the accusump.

what are peoples thoughts? complicating a simple device with little to no benefit?

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I'll be interested to see if others chime in. My current project involves a RB26 built for road course and I just do not have the budget for a dry sump setup. Your idea is exactly what I was thinking, accusump controlled by the ecu (link in my case). I believe it would act quick enough to avoid any engine damage. Again I'm no expert by any means, just learning as I go.

I had an accusump controlled by ECU previosly. I had a manual button for pre start priming and then Link Thunder ECU controlled the solenoid. Which Was basically just RPM controlled. I cant remember the exact logic used, but think it was something pretty basic like : RPM > 100, valve = on.

I would honestly recommend just using a mechanical ball valve operated by the driver. The problem with solenoid valves is they are usually pilot operated, meaning they are only designed to be used with pressure in one direction. The accusump can have pressure in both directions. So you need to instal the valve in such a way that it stores pressure in the accusump. Meaning, when engine oil pressure is greater than accusump, it will want to push the valve open anyways.

And solenoid valves dont flow anywhere near as free as a simple ball valve, so the ball valve wins tgere aswell.

The engine didnt last long with the accusump installed either. And I have since organised a drysump for when tge motor is back together.

There are millions of cars on the road that use two step oil pumps (low oil pressure and high oil pressure) or solenoid switchable piston cooling jets. The question is what exactly do you want it to do and does your control system get it done? Is one speed/manifold pressure table with ON/OFF control of one solenoid going to get the job done? Or does it need some complicated logic?

What I would do if I were you is right down plain english logical statements of how you want it to work. "IF this happens, then THIS should happen" and work from there to figure out what hardware and software meets your goals.

Not with an ECU my my accusump is controlled by the PDM 15, It's programmed to energised the solenoid is the engine rpm is above 1000 and pressure is below 2 bar. or when the starter button is engaged for pre-oiling.(could have a dedicated pre oiling button too.) the joy of pdm+keypads

i am not so much trying to open the valve when starting etc.

i am trying to use a threshold and have it only open when oil pressure is below this threshold.

my biggest concern is the speed in which the accusump valve opens?

Andre do you have an opinion?


I am doing exactly this, using my Link G4+ to control my Accusump in an R33 GTR.

It actually works really well which is confirmed by log files, especially one from Silverstone recently where without the Accusump I would have been hitting my oil pressure safety rev limit numerous times.

I have setup numerous safety settings using virtual auxiliaries.

Firstly -

RPM less than 100, TPS greater than 50%, Oil pressure less than 180kpa this gives me a pre oil for initial start up, turn on ignition and push throttle over 50% to open the Accusump valve...wait until oil pressure registers on the gauge then start the engine knowing I have oil pressure there already.

Then I have setup an 'Accusump light' this is a bright LED on the dash to show me everytime my Accusump is activated.

I then setup this light to come on under any conditions where the Accusump would be needed, i.e oil pressure drops below a certain threshold above a certain rpm.

I then have my Accusump set to activate everytime the 'Accusump light' is on.

On top of this I have setup a general purpose RPM limit table, by looking through a log of oil pressure vs RPM under normal running conditions I could see what my normal oil pressure is for any given RPM and set this table to activate an RPM limit should my oil pressure drop below the normal range in a given RPM range.

I have the RPM limit set with a 0.3 second delay.

It works nicely, chuck the car into a corner at high RPM and if the oil pressure drops, the Accusump light comes on, the Accusump opens at the same time and the oil pressure recovers, if the oil pressure doesn't recover then the RPM limit kicks in until the pressure recovers.

On a recent Silverstone track day my oil pressure was constantly dropping and instantly recovering as soon as the Accusump opened...only on one occasion did the RPM limit activate.....carrying high speed through a series of bends the oil pressure recovered thanks to the Accusump but the Accusump could only maintain the oil pressure for a certain amount of time and when it then dropped still the RPM limit activated.

I originally ran the accusump as a standalone using a pressure valve but the problem with this was finding the correct valve.

My warm idle oil pressure is 200kpa, if I used a valve that opened below say 400kpa, my Accusump would empty everytime the car came down to idle, to stop this happening I would need a valve that was set to open below my idle oil pressure which would be useless on the track as my oil pressure would have to drop below 200kpa for it to open and at 7,000rpm this is a bit late for my liking.

I would be happy to screenshot a few sections of my logs showing the Accusump activating if that helps?

I think given how frequently it kicks in, it is obvious I need to deal with the oiling issues but for now it is working and my oil pressure logs certainly look a lot less scary than they did before I gave control of the Accusump over to the Link ECU.


Here's one example of the Accusump activating and the oil pressure recovering

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And here is a scary one from Silverstone a few years ago when I was running an older Link G4 Xtreme and ran out of tables so the Accusump wasn't ECU controlled but was plumbed in and working.

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These next 3 pictures show.......

Numerous Aux/virtual Aux settings for the Accusump that I think after hours of scratching my head, pretty much cover most scenarios.

My GP RPM limit backup safety settings.

Datalog of the one and only time my Accusump could not recover the oil pressure enough so the GP RPM limit kicked in.

You may notice one of the conditions for the Accusump is that above 400rpm, and below 190kpa the Accusump opens, I set this because I am using quite a snatchy twin plate clutch and when street driving if you try to pull away gently sometimes the clutch bites and the revs dip very low, at this point the oil pressure obviously dips very low as well so I figured when this happens the Accusump could open to recover the oil pressure...just another example of how much control you can take over the Accusump when using the ECU.

I hope some of this information is useful.


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I appreciate you sharing this as I have been asked to install one in an r33 tuning Haltech elite. I have a question about priming it, or is there any specific procedure when first installing one. Thanks

Hi Tommy,

When I fitted mine I did it as a complete install with a remote oil filter and oil cooler, I made the Accusump the last point in all of the new oil lines so that it was as close to the input to the engine as possible.

The only issue I had was working out where to fit the thing.

I had no issues installing it but there were complete setup details in the paperwork that came with it.

You have to set a certain amount of preload into the air side of the chamber but that is easy.

If you do not have the fitting instructions, let me know and I would be happy to dig them out on my computer and upload them here.


Hi Edward, sorry I missed your reply I forgot to hit the check mark and got lost track of it. If you could post a diagram I would appreciate it! Thank you

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