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ECU master emu black + 13b/rotary

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Hey, has anyone successfully set up a 13bt with an FC CAS to run on an emu black?

I have been through every iteration of trigger setting I can find, but it won't start. Timing seems to be locked at about 45* advance (if it doesn't drop out), and I can't get any trigger info on the scope. I can get trigger info on a picoscope at the ECU pin header though. I've tried almost every adjustment/delay/filter/tooth combo the software allows but still no success. The software does show trigger sync and rpm during cranking.

The engine was running fine on the old Ems stinger before I installed the Black.

Any basic start up info would be much appreciated.

Post your map or at least trigger settings.

FC CAS should be 2 VR sensors, no pull ups.

Are you using a timing light on rotor one trailing or lead?

Attached is my last saved map, although it is not indicative of all of the changes I have been through.

Timing is locked on this map at -5 to align with L1 timing mark, using the timing light (non adjustable style).

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