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Has anyone experienced any difficulty with idle/starting issues with ecu master emu black? I have a 2zr-fe running emu black. base timing set, injectors (610cc) calibrated as per manufacturers dead time matrix. Car will start then die. Add an entire service station worth of fuel down its guts and it will idle but not well. Fuel pressure is ok. Changed fuel injectors to smaller (200cc toyota yaris injector), set a rough dead time and now car will not even start or will start then die. Its really not making sense. Also noticed lambda reads 1.89 but you can smell the fuel in the shed. Have tried playing around with different fuelling strategies however its now at the point where i cannot work it out for the life of me. Even went back and watched the standalone tuning modules. Any insight into this would be amazing. Keen to learn and find out what i have done wrong.

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I like EMU Blacks. The software is ok, but the price point is good

Forget what you smell, it means nothing.

If the reading is 1.89 that is why it won't run.

You might also want to make sure the O2 sensor is working. I think I end up killing a few a month. Timing errors is always the thing, or they take too long to heat up is another sympton. If it isn't a genuine one, that can also through the reading off.

What I would do is go old school. sod the AFR and do it by the noise and smoke from the exhaust.

Change the VE values up in say by units of 10 in the area it should be idling until you get an lambda richer than 1. Once it gets really rich it will smoke. It wont hurt it

If it still wants to die then increase the ignition advance in the area. It will make it want to increase the RPM

Also the idle ref table. Have you tried cranking it right up to hold the throttle open more. Maybe the value is just too low

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