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Just have started Planning my project and getting absolutely baffled with the amount of ecus on offer. I’m just wondering to know what is firstly easy for a beginner to set up and secondly will communicate with everything as I am also putting a dash and a keypad in the car. I have been looking at the ECU master stuff as I want to put in a PMU 16. I am not set on these pieces and i am fully open to any other manufacture. The car is a Ford Escort running a YB Cosworth turbo engine. thanks for your help Shane

The first thing you need to to is make a list of all the inputs, outputs and features you might ever want.

Also work out your approximate budget.

This might narrow things down.

Then download and have a play with the various suppliers mapping software, most are freely available.

As above, a good place to start.

There’s two ways to learn imo, start with something simple, but then you may ‘outgrow’ it quite quickly, or start on something more complex, then it’s easy to back port the knowledge to other more simpler systems.

You have a Cosworth engine, run a Cosworth ECU! This would be option 2 tho, I.e a complex, complicated system but very powerful.

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