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ECU selection for dual fuel, staged injection

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So I'm shopping for an ecu, and wondering if the experts here can provide any additional insight.

The application is a 5.6L supercharged Nissan VK56 V8 (early non-vtc model), with 8x sequential port injectors spraying pump gas as the primary fuel, and 8x smaller sequential or semi-sequential fire port injectors spraying 50/50 water/meth. It'll be a somewhat daily driven car in the summer, with track days and hill climbs thrown in.

We can't easily get E85 here in Canada, 91AKI/95 RON is as good as it gets (and even that tends to be an optimistic rating when compared to US gas), which is the primary driver for the water/meth system. This system will allow me to drive wherever I want in the country and know I'll be able to fuel up.

Also, I'm an engineer and like precise control of things, which should answer the "why don't you just spray with a single nozzle like Aquamist" or similar questions that inevitably come up when I discuss this project.

I would like something that can handle:

- at least 10 sequential injectors (preferably 16) with dual fuel support

- 8 ignition coils (could probably manage if I had 4 in waste spark - this is not planned to be a super high rpm engine)

- dual wideband

- knock sensing

- EGT/thermocouple support (minimum 2)

Would be nice if the wbo2/knock/EGT were on board, and DBW would be great for the future but is not absolutely necessary at this point. I'd like something with traction control as well, though that isn't a deal breaker at all.

From what I've been able to find it looks like Syvecs S8 is the best way to go for an out of the box solution.

A S7Plus would do the trick if I were to run it in waste spark configuration.

Link G4+ Thunder looks great, except for being limited to 8 injectors. I suppose I could go semi-sequential for both the pump gas and the water/meth, but I don't really like that option, even though it's about half the cost of the Syvecs. Looking at the specifications for the Thunder, it doesn't look like I could happily shoehorn any of the aux output pins into injector duty, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong on that assumption.

I looked at the possibility of using something like a MS3pro ultimate and adding on knock sensing/egt/wbo2, but by the time you add all that on you've got a rats nest of boxes, and have spent damn near the same amount of money as for the Syvecs, without including the required integration time. Motec seems to be even worse in this area when it comes to expansion costs/addons/"just one more thing to buy".

I'd greatly appreciate any input or advice anyone here might have. Thanks!

I've been sniffing at Emtron's offerings though I'm letting someone else guinea pig the whole rotary bit. Also FuelTech's FT600 also seems like its getting to the point where I'm interested though for what you're asking I believe you'd need more of a 'rats nest' than you'd like as you described.

Adaptronic M6000?

Thanks for the ideas, gents!

Looks like the Adaptronic works out to about the same price as the S7Plus, and if I'm going to be spending that much on an ECU I'd like to not have to worry about assembling it myself.

The Emtron KV12 looks like it would certainly do the trick, though of course they don't publish pricing. Thankfully there is a dealer not too far from home so I sent them an email. I think you're right about the FT600 ending up requiring too many extra boxes for my taste (and a bit more money than I'd like to spend as well), though I do like that it appears to be an integrated dash/ecu, which would save me a fair bit.

The KV12 comes in a couple of hundred dollars under the S7+, which is making me lean towards the S7, primarily because of the Syvecs specific module in the standalone tuning course here, and that there seems to be a bit more information about them out and about on the interwebs.

I would go the S7 route too. Very capable ECU with better hardware inside also.

Emtron kv16 or kv16m hands down

Emtron is an amazing ecu and way easier to go through than syvecs,and its cheaper,i am very happy with it.

syvecs would be my second choice

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