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Hi all - first post here. This is my first foray into EFI, after builds running Weber and Mikuni carbs :-) I am on the hunt for an ECU for a pretty simple engine setup: NA 2.0 Ford Duratec (stock internals), running ITBs (so Alpha-N mode). Should make around 180-185 at the crank with a good tune. The factory cars (this is a Caterham 7) use the MBE9A4 ECU and other popular choices are the Emerald K6 and Omex 600 (all UK-based companies). I am wondering which other ECUs I should consider, please?

I don't need DBW or VVT and do not plan for any boost. I am running wasted-spark ignition and the injection could be either semi or fully sequential. It needs to have a good/flexible CAN implementation so I can relay all the sensor data to my AIM dash. I'd also like some sort of internal logging. On-board wideband seems like a nice feature too, to clean up the installation in a small car.

I am based in the US, so it would be good to have an ECU that local dynos might have some familiarity with. On my radar is the ECUMaster EMU Black (on-board wideband, but needs separate logger). What else should I consider that has good customer support and is priced around 1K USD? Oh, and if the ECU is covered in the "worked examples" of the Practical Standalone Tuning course I just bought, that would be a bonus - I'm looking to DIY as much of this as possible.


I personally really like the EcuMaster products. You could also use the Classic with the canbus expension, but the wideband controler is only for LSU 4.2.

For the logging, there is no internal logging in your AIM dash?

Thanks Frank! No, I have the "Strada" version of the AIM MXS 1.2 dash - no logging.

I think I'd get the "Black" if I bought the Ecumaster product, so I can get CAN and 4.9 functionality.

It looks like none of the "budget end" Link or Haltech products have on-board wideband controllers?

No specific recommendations, but it'll pay to double check, with both AIM and the ECU manufacturer you're considering, that they will work correctly together - some combinations may have issues.

The dyno' shop's familiarity with the ECU is a good point, it'd be worth talking to the REPUTABLE shops in your area as part of the selection process to see if they have recommendations - good ease of use, reliability, service/support, etc - and those that are a pain.

Thanks Gord. Yes, I did verify that the EMU Black and AIM like to talk to each other. The retailer actually sells them as a combination, for that reason. I found that some ECUs do not have much flexibility in what can be broadcast on the CAN bus.

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