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Hello Guys,

What is the normal temperature of haltech 500 ecu temp?

I have touched mine after driving and it was hot, touchable but hot, is this normal when ecu become hot?

I am using internal map sensor which connected to the ecu directly, i thought my ecu getting hot because of the hot air entered throught the map sensor hose to the ecu. Your experience may have another thoughts about this issue.

Thanks in advance

i used very often sprint 500 in clients cars, and usually the ecu gets hot, but i try to maintain the ecu inside the driver cabin, try not to use the ecu on the engine bay, if the ecu is not giving u problems like idle or cruising, i don't think there's any problem with it

Dear cptuning,

The ecu is fixed inside the cabin, and could you please tell me what would problems will happen when the ecu getting hot like what?

Thank you

If the ecu overheat. The ecu shutdown and doesn't work until gets cool again. And if that happen u should call haltech and send the ecu for inpection

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