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My friend wants to tune his 1.3l 4efe-turbo with the ecumaster det 3 using the fuel implant software that uses VE table for tuning.

So i downloaded the software to see if it matches what i learnt from the courses.

What is the "fuel table" is for, and why all the VE table is 50%? Shouldnt it be different values in there due to engine capacity, injectors, etc?

Also, there is no target afr table for the Ve to be matched with...

Would be nice if you could clarify my mind on those points.


I have not used this product before, although, do they provide you with a base map?

It might be that there is currently no base map loaded into the det3 and these are default values, or it could be in the way they manipulate the intercepted signal and the base value they use.

Not all ecus will run an AFR target table, some will have just the fuel table only and you tune this to suit the AFR you want to target.

Have you read through the manual? I have had a quick flick through and looks very informative and helpful.

Hello thanks for your reply.

Ok so if i tune the fuel table, what is the VE table for?

Yes i read the manual

Sorry I was looking at the wrong software for the older DET3 Which has fuel table and PWM2 Table.

I just had a look at the new software and a quick flick through the manual. From what I can see they suggest tuning in the VE table (F2) although don't mention anything about the fuel table (F1).

Sorry I am unfamiliar with this system. Have you tried contacting Ecumaster support?

Hello, no i did not contact them yet. Yes there are 2 softwares: standard client ( piggyback) and fuel implant (controlling injectors as a standalone) for the det 3

Ps: its not older and newer software i think, just 2 different methods of tuning

Yes I did see it was for different styles.

I would suggest contacting ECUmaster and having a chat with them. I have spoken with them before and support has been great.

Ok cheers i ll do that