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EcuTek Tuning - 2.5L Supercharged Swap on 2007 Miata

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get started on a base calibration for my 2.5L Supercharged swap on my 2007 Miata that originally had a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated motor.

Here's what I've done so far for the base map:

- Extended Load Scales for Forced Induction

- Set up Ignition Timing for Forced Induction

- Set up AFRs for Forced Induction

- Set up correct Injector scaling

There is however one table that I'm quite uncertain of what to do with to set up for Forced Induction. The table is called Engine Load Compensation. I have an image attached that showcases the axis and contents of the table. This is what the tuning guide from EcuTek describes what that table does:

"The engine load compensation maps are used to calibrate the conversion from MAF to actual cylinder fill in g/rev. For most tuning these maps do not need to be changed as they have been carefully calibrated by Mazda. If significant modifications have been made or a forced induction kit has been fitted these may need to be altered to make sure the Engine Load is correct."

This concerns me because it looks like that this table is going to have an effect on my fuel trims and engine load interpreted by the ECU when I try to determine my MAF scaling for the intake that came with my Supercharger kit. Not only do I have to extend the axis for the table to suit forced induction, I also have to take into account that my engine has 0.5L more displacement which means this table could be completely off for my application. In other words, because this table will always come into play and is designed for the stock setup only, I don't think I'll ever be able to get an accurate MAF scale for my intake.

Any suggestions my friends?

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I suggest you might want to participate in this thread:

forum.miata.net - Tuning Toolkit Development Thread

You'll see that they have taken a deep dive into the NC ECU, and it's algorithms. There is a lot of info in that thread, and if what you seek isn't in there, I would contact speeps, and I bet he could answer your question in that thread.

Good luck with your project!

I'm literally about to start work on an Ecutek tune on an NC that's been turbo'd so have been going through everything you currently are and it's not as daunting as you think.

Obviously the table scales will need adjusted to cover the area's you'll reach, you can zero this table (all 1's) but I'd try and calibrate the MAF initially with the current table values and if you're not getting a smooth MAF curve then you can edit this table to suit (hence the title compensation) or you can leave the MAF curve alone and just tune on this table, unless you're changing the diameter of the MAF tube and when it maxes out you can switch to SD if you have Racerom.

As I say, I'm about to start work on this, the car arrives on Friday so I may have some updates then on how it all behaves with edits.

Thanks David! That's a very useful resource on how the car actually works. It's quite mind bending with all the jargon that they talk about. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as I'm not really a software guy.


That's kind of what I was thinking to do. Put a value of 1 for that table and slowly tune it as I go.

Just to revisit this after having the NC in for tuning, tuning the MAF was key to getting it running right, the customer had changed the entire design to a blow through MAF.

After a rough calibration of the MAF the car was almost running to targets, we're planning on refining this on his next visit and then seeing how far we can take it.

If you take a look at the Practical Reflash Tuning course Andre covers everything you should need in the course and the EcuTek worked example at the end

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