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Effects of adding more timing after maximum torque?

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So when you're tuning ignition and isn't limited by knock, you'll keep adding timing until the power stops increasing. If you keep adding timing it will eventually start decreasing due to the combustion working against the piston moving upwards.

So my question is: Lets say that you stop adding timing in the middle of the "plateau" between power increase and decrease, what will get affected? Is the "plateau" simply a deadzone where nothing happens untill you add too much timing or would you expect to see something like an earlier powerband?

there is usually no benefit to increase timing passed its peak,

its safer to keep it at mbt or few degrees below. there is no set in stone rule, depends on the situation

Hi Westerlund

I asked a similar question some time ago https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/general-tuning-discussion/show/mbt-timing-and-economy

I see, so there isnt really any point to going past MBT then

If you go past MBT, you may end up getting knock(Very bad thing). When tuning standalone systems I tune for MBT, then back off a degree or two for safety. Sometimes it is possible to hit ping before MBT though. So always have the proper equipment for knock detection when doing this.

MBT or minimum timing for best torque will have you set the ignition advance at the point where the torque first peaks (the beginning of the plateau if you like). This will ensure the largest margin of safety from knock and as has been stated, there is no advantage to advancing the timing further.

What you will find is that in some instances the engine isn't knock prone or knock limited on the dyno. It's still possible that under sustained hard use, the engine could be made to knock under the perfect conditions. Using MBT timing will give you the best chance of protection under these conditions.

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