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efi technology s.r.l Euro 4 ECU

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Hi All,

I'm about to begin a turbocharged K20 engine build and install in a Lotus Elise.

I'm planning on using the EFI Technology Euro 4 ECU, does anyone have any information on this ECU or comments?

I'm having some difficulty getting information on the operation of the ECU, so would be great to talk to someone with experience of the product.



I have worked with both the Euro1 (Rover K series in Lotus Sport) and Euro6 (Judd V8 in Brabham F1 car). You will want to get hooked up with Michael Longman at Ole Buhl Racing (http://www.obr.uk.com/) for support of the EFI software / hardware.

Good Luck!

I'm currently working on a 2ZZ turbo'd Elise on a EP tuning (GEMS based) plug and play ECU. Could you let us know how you get on with the Euro 4?

I have now spoken to Ole at OBR - very nice guy, very helpful.

The ECU software is NOT VE based as I had hoped, however for the cost it does have a great deal of features - the programming interface cable is quite expensive (£450) which is a bit annoying, but not the end of the world.

The ECU is adapted from a road car ECU, so does have a lot of features for clean idle / enrichment tables / per gear ignition tables / true PID ETB control etc etc

The software (ECT MOD DN) is, err, not that friendly... but once you find all the values its just the same as any other PWM based ECU.


Interesting you are using the GEMs ECU - I thought the Toyota engined models actually used a locked version of the Euro4?

Interested in your project, can you give any more details? Are you active in the Lotus community? Where are you based? (I see you are a fellow UK member!)

I'm actually signing off the engine build today (I hope) so it may well be a K24, or K22 (stroked K20), the turbo is an Owen Developments GT3579HTA M-Spec unit - should be good for 500bhp+ (however, in this application I'm more interested in drive-ability over outright power).

Hi Sl0wlane,

I'm in Scotland just south of Glasgow, I run a shop here with a hub dyno (Dynapack). I'm afraid I'm not active in the Lotus community, this is a customers car.

The ECU is sold by Elise Parts who got Track Group to develop a plug and play version of the GEMS ECU, which is dongle licence free. Have you considered going down the Hondata route for your build?

The engine that's in it is a Corolla T-Sport 190 2ZZGE engine with a GT28 ballbearing turbo, I'm not sure of the finite details. So far I've only taken it to 253 at the hubs at 7200RPM on actuator pressure (0.5 bar) before suffering ignition break down, which has called stop to play today.

The GT3579HTA will be a good turbo, you might find a bit of a sharp torque delivery when it comes on song but with the K-Series you'll have a wide enough rev range to create a drivable power band.

Be interested to hear how you get on with that Toyota turbo conversion, cant be many in the UK?!

Hondata... I don't think I want to go that way, for a start it is limited with regard to barometric correction (not good if I do another Stelvio Pass run in the car), and a few other areas. Besides, I have already purchased the Euro4 - will have to see how we get on.

Going with a K24, and a .63 TiAL housing.. hoping for a good response.

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