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EGT fuel trim.

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i've got a customer which has som older vipec v44 and a newer aim dash/logger. I'm just wiring and setting up the system, not tuning it.

I'm trying to set up a safety for max egt. the v44 will only recieve motec e888 CAN data. the AIM is not able to reproduse that. it's limited to sequensial for transmit on the custom data sets.

So i'm using a digital out on the AIM to trigger a GP switch in the vipec. and use that for a triggering of a 4d fuel trim activation, set up with a timer to ad more fuel if the egt stay over the max thereshold for a prolonged time.

This is a drift car so the chances are that the max egt will be reached while sitting on the rev limiter. will the the extra fuel just continue to rise the egt in this instance? more unburnt fuel in the exhaust manifold resulting in more heat?

the GP switch can be used to trigger a boost reduction, but i think the risk of the driver loosing controll of the car is bigger with this solution.

No, adding additional fuel will still reduce the EGT. It's just the same as normal engine operation and beyond the point where our AFR is tuned for maximum power, additional fuel will pass through the combustion chamber unburnt and help cool combustion temps.

To be honest unless you're using a lot of retard on the limiter for some reason, I don't tend to see the EGT spiral out of control. There's nothing wrong with your logic but it's not a strategy I've needed to use before.

Ok, thanks. Customer wanted som extra safety.

More towards sensore failures, that could result in lean conditions.

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