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EGT Gauge/Sensor signal to Datalog

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HI, i need to know if there is a way to connect the EGT Signal to Laptop and get a datalog.

Right now im learning and i completed some courses, im using EvoScan/EcuFlash and COBB Accesport.

Im also using a Prosport EGT Gauge in my Evo X, because before adquiring tuning Knowledge i felt its one of the most important parameter to see, because it gives a good idea of the Chamber Temperatures, and avoid to blow the engine.

But it could be a good idea if i can record the EGT variation related to Load/RPM, etc

I would look at egt parameter more as the critical threshold for turbo, not for combustion chamber. For instance I can make air/fuel mixture reach and retard ignition resulting in very high egt which would be absolutely fine for combustion chamber but very dangerous for turbo. EGT has very little to do with real combustion chamber temperature. For example typical aftermarket 4032 alloy pistons would start melting at 530 degrees C however they are still OK and operating with EGT up to 950 degrees C on the gauge. So i i wouldn't use the egt as the point of reference to monitor combustion chamber temperature but turbo only although it still gives you an idea of that is happening inside of the engine when it is employed together with WBO2 sensor.

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