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Egt petrol vs methanol & 02 sensor life

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Is there a difference in exhaust gas temp between using petrol or methanol in a NA engine.

Also. Does a wide band 02 sensor have a shorter life expectancy on methanol compared to petrol?

Hello Paul,

A wideband does not last long in race methanol if it has to do a lot of cold startups like drag racing, and generally no difference in EGT sensor targets between pump gas and methanol

regards Ross


I wanted to mention that the NTK wideband sensor is said to have a better lifespan in a methanol environment. Hope that helps some.

The NTK sensors will read a lower Lambda value compared to the LSU sensors (0.5l Vs. 0.65) as long as the controller that you are using will read that low.

The cause of lambda sensor failure that we have found with Methanol fueled engines is when you have raw fuel going through the exhaust stream, if that fuel hits the sensor when the heater is running, the thermal shock to the sensor chip can be enough to crack it, especially in a Bosch LSU due to the design of those sensors.

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